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We were approached by a UK bank, launched in the wake of the financial crisis to serve the SME funding market. Their initial launch had failed to achieve them the press coverage they wanted to help underpin their sales drive.

Mattison Public Relations was asked to step in and run a 12 month, cost effective campaign to get them the media coverage their existing PR agencies had failed to deliver.

A higher profile would help attract savers and businesses looking to borrow.

Mattison Public Relations recognised that if the bank could position itself as a champion for SMEs (its main market) then it could clearly differentiate itself from its competitors and make itself an appealing commentator for the national media.



  • Issued commentary and research (generated by Mattison Public Relations) on SME finance
  • Sezied and created opportunities to comment on other SME business issues such as tax, payment terms, red-tape, Government contracts for small businesses etc.
  • Developed the bank’s corporate profile through a series of meetings with senior journalists.  In 12 months we organised 24 meetings with senior banking and business writers on the national papers
  • Case studies highlighting the bank’s strong customer service were also placed in the national media


In under a year, Mattison Public Relations generated 61 pieces of national broadcast and print coverage that were directly and entirely attributable to our work – transforming the profile of the bank and helping to propel their growth.

Within twelve months of launching the media campaign the number of savings customers banking with our client had risen by 169% to 37,300. The value of their residential mortgage book had increased by 778% to £280m and deposits had almost trebled to £878m. Lending to their key sector, SMEs, had gone up by 77% to £525m

Coverage included:

  • BBC
  • Financial Times
  • The Times
  • The Daily Telegraph
  • Wall Street Journal
  • CNBC
  • The Economist


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