ESG/CSR and impact investing

We have been advising on ESG, CSR and impact investing for two decades.

Activity that we have undertaken in these fields includes:

Global emerging markets private equity impact investor
PR support on investments and exits, fundraising support for individual regional funds including Africa, India, Latin America and South-East Asia and Africa healthcare fund

Global emerging markets private credit fund with impact investment focus
PR support on investments, thought leadership, support for fundraising

Africa focused private equity impact investor
PR support on investments and exits, thought leadership PR

Use of “natural capital” in corporate reporting
Promoting concept of natural capital in company reporting for the Scottish Wildlife Trust

Drafting of fundraising “prospectus” for the UK’s leading child protection charity
Used for a pioneering fundraising campaign amongst corporates and financial institutions

ESG research undertaken by Mattison Public Relations as part of our client programmes

  • Undertook first comprehensive research on non-financial reporting by FTSE100 companies including the reporting on environmental targets, employee relations and treatment of suppliers
  • Undertook research amongst equity analysts at investment banks on the value that they attributed to non-financial reporting including the reporting on environmental impacts
  • Undertook analysis of FTSE100 companies and their progress to Net Zero, including target dates and carbon emissions
  • Research on ESG policies of Top 100 PE funds
  • Performance of higher rated UK ESG funds versus lower rated funds
  • Performance of UK listed companies with diverse boards versus their comparators with non-diverse boards
  • Gender pay gap of directors on FTSE 100 boards
  • Gender pay gap on FTSE-350 financial services boards
  • Gender gap in the granting of share options
  • Gender pay gap amongst high earners
  • Gender representation on the boards of certain industry sectors e.g. retail
  • Age representation of directors within law firms
  • Use of green taxes and green tax breaks
  • Analysis of carbon capture patents


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